BLOG: Video “the story of my life”

That is how I look at the past three months working with my Angels. They came to me via phone an mail on the 14th of March 2022.

If you have no time to read:
This is the link to the place where the video stands
Nicole van Olderen, spin in het web | Samenwerken Nederland

At our first meeting the ladies introduced themselves as:
Chloe, 23, from France, has lived in Chine for 2 years.
Sophia, 25, from Venezuela, has lived in Panama for 11 years.
Anna, 30, from Latvia.

Email from 14th of March

“This is Sophia Bremo, we spoke on the phone earlier today about the possibility of you collaborating with Anna, Chloe and I. We are a group of students of Leiden University of the bachelor of Anthropology and Sociology in their last year.

I attach here proof in Dutch of who we are and our intentions to get to know your world. As social scientists we are interested in the relationship humans have with their environment and the value of human practices to society. This contributes to the understanding of society and its diverse aspects which ultimately contributes to social critique and development. We believe we can learn more from spiritual practices and their value to societal growth and healing.

Thank you for considering meeting up with us. We understand your time is precious and we want this possible collaboration to be reciprocal, let us meet up and discuss how this could work.”

At our first meeting I felt a connection with the eagerness of the ladies whom were willing to dive into my world and learn what I was going to show them.

Of course this was only happening because the C19 rules were no longer needed so my agenda was just full of nice and inspiring activities.

For me it felt this encounter was meant to be!
A gift from the heavens as a tribute to my life.

We started with the New moon meditation at the first of April, no no this was not a joke!

Of course we asked permission to film and take pictures where ever we came and the ladies started to introduce there selves to the visitors.

The first gathering in the Villa Vijf33 at Vijfhuizen where I organise the spiritual café 2.0 had the theme “reconnecting with your Soul”.

I felt that I had to do a connecting exercise before the afternoon would begin.

So we did a smudge, as in cleansing their energy and we formed a circle with our hands together to feel the energy and I felt the emotions flowing through my body.
What a journey lays ahead of me….

They already felt like my daughters which I do not have, and during that day they became Nicky’s Angels.

My Angels are eager to learn, eager to participate, willing to investigate, happy in attending the groups.

So days, and even weeks went by and we jumped in my car, to drive to places to give lectures and meditations. I was so happy that I can have my Angels on the backseat of my car.

We have made a long journey with more then 12 events attending filming and interviewing me and the visitors. More then 10 hours of video and only 11 minutes to show you.

Want to look at the video now?
Here is the link to the page it is standing:
Nicole van Olderen, spin in het web | Samenwerken Nederland

We organised a spiritual afternoon with mediumship at my house with some of my friends, and I gave everyone including the Angels a message from spirit. One of them you can see in the video. That was my message from the grandmother of Sophia. You can hear the changing from my voice when she speaks lovingly but firm to her granddaughter Sophia.

The final closing was the interview with a nice meal included at my place. At the Wednesday 18th of May the Angels came in with food and desserts.
food and dessert

We had the interview in the Livingroom.As a gift I made for each one a drawing from Spirit.a drawing for each one
Left Sophia, middle Chloe, right Anna.

During the editing time I did not see my Angels they were working hard to make the video and each one also had to write a thesis about their own chosen subject.


So finally at Full Moon 14th of June the video was finished. We went by car to the mediation and after that they showed the video.

It was so intense to look at my life and see it through their eyes and the way they show it to the world.

This is the link to the place where the video stands
Nicole van Olderen, spin in het web | Samenwerken Nederland

So this is my life:

I am proud of what the final result is, and really deeply moved that Sophia, Chloe and Anna, my Angels, were able to pic and choose the pearls and edit them into the chain of pearls my life is.

Look and enjoy. Let me know if you have questions.
M: 06-41041509

Thank you my Angels, Chloe, Sophia and Anna.
For a wonderful journey and connected for ever in this life.

With love your spiritual mama Nicole

My name is Nicole van Olderen, I organise for more than 20 years spiritual events, such as: workshops, lectures, meditation training, fairs, and events in your livingroom. In my own practice you are welcome for one on one sessions reading and healing, trauma, coaching, beriefment and healing of the deeper layers of trauma.

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