Freedom of speech

We are in the fight of our lives, and it’s your continued support that gives us the strength to stand and fight against YouTube censorship and tyranny.

Your ability to speak freely is under extreme assault as YouTube, Facebook, Google and Twitter are now pursuing the most outlandish censorship purge they’ve ever attempted.

Censorship is tyranny, and it is by definition anti-democratic.

Censorship by the tech giants is a form of bullying aimed at selected political targets to silence their views and expel them from public discussion or debate.

Join the fight against extreme censorship with these 10 powerful things you can do now to take back your freedom. Read the full story here.

ACTION ITEM #9) Walk away from Facebook, YouTube and Google

  • Facebook makes you depressed and wastes your time.
  • Google is evil. Use instead.
  • Ditch YouTube and check out or D.Tube. Learn about and get involved with “steem.”

ACTION ITEM #10) Start publishing your own content and join the march against censorship and tyranny

  • We need a new wave of independent, informed voices to start publishing articles, podcasts and videos that question the status quo and denounce the techno-tyranny of the lunatic Left.
  • Check out Real.Video for an exciting new way to share your content without centralized censorship.
  • Publish your videos to your own user account at or post podcasts at Check out D.Tube and other alternative sources that resist blatant censorship.