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Artcycle Bali

Sinds 2006 werkt Artcycle in een klein team aan het maken van sieraden, voor de hals, en de pols. En maken zijn tassen wallets, shoulderbags, portemonnees, workbags,

Prachtige sieraden gemaakt van rubberautobanden



The idea came to us by a dream, and from that dream we started to touch and move our hands with inner tubes, like a dance. That movement inspired designs full of joy and love. Is awesome to imagine a shape, get inspired by nature, draw the design then experience the tire transformation. Tires can be really beautiful!


Tires are not biodegradable, so they need to be recycled and repurposed rather than discarded.

We cannot continue to fill the earth with waste because it is the land that feeds us! As such, we believe we do not need to use new raw materials. We feel that we must be more aware of the reality in which we live and with love and creativity give a second life to the objects with which we coexist.

Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands and hosts a population of 260 million. Imagine the daily  transportation statistics for a population of that size. Tires from trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles together with the consumption of plastics and packaging increase daily. These materials end up burnt or in the ocean, in landfills and/or in rivers. Rubbish and its impact on the environment is a huge issue.
The petrol content in a tire takes thousands of years to breakdown in a landfill. In tropical countries like Indonesia there is yet another huge tire-related problem. Old tires are usually collected outdoors without roof cover. When it rains the water is trapped in the wheel well creating a mosquito paradise, thus facilitating the spread of dengue, cikungnya, malaria and other diseases within approximately 14 days. One mosquito can have betweeN 200-300 eggs.  The eggs transform into larva in 2 days and transform into a mosquito one day after that!! As such, upcycled tires contribute directly to the earth and to our health.


Our project aims to demonstrate that another world is possible and that we are all part of the change. Our meditation is that all will become even more conscious and awaken to the dire plight of the environment caused by several factors including but not limited to: the excessive production in fashion, the savagery of human exploitation and the injustice of animal cruelty that feed the consumer system. This heightened consciousness can be facilitated through the languages of art and design.

We create quality products, we do not believe in fast fashion and mass consumption. As such, our collections are timeless and for all people – they never go out of style.